Unlocking Forensic Potential: CODIS Implementation and DNA Data Exchange in Romania


  • Florin Stanciu National Forensic Institute Author
  • Veronica Cuțăr National Forensic Institute Author
  • Simona Vladu National Forensic Institute Author
  • Ionel Marius Stoian National Forensic Institute Author
  • Ana Rădulescu National Forensic Institute Author
  • Adnana Cotolea National Forensic Institute Author
  • Mihaela Alis Păunache National Forensic Institute Author
  • Andreea Cucoș National Forensic Science Author




DNA database, Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), National System of Judicial Genetic Data (NSJGD), STR, Y-STR, automated DNA data exchange, Forensic Genetics, Romania


In late February 2024, the Romanian National System of Judicial Genetic Data (NSJGD) achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 100,000 DNA profiles in CODIS. This accomplishment calls for celebration and offers an opportune moment to reflect on the invaluable role CODIS plays as a forensic tool. The utilization of CODIS in Romania extends beyond national DNA searching to encompass automated international DNA searching, pedigree searching and familial DNA searching, demonstrating its versatility in addressing diverse investigative scenarios. This article provides an in-depth exploration of CODIS, focusing primarily on its implementation in Romania at the national level.




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Stanciu, F., Cuțăr, V., Vladu, S., Stoian, I. M., Rădulescu, A., Cotolea, A., Păunache, M. A., & Cucoș, A. (2024). Unlocking Forensic Potential: CODIS Implementation and DNA Data Exchange in Romania. GENOMICA, 1(1), 3-9. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.11069588

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